SunValley Strategies

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SunValley’s R&D strategy is as:

  • Keep and develop a small but strong R&D team in San Diego
  • Collaborate with UC San Diego and Tsinghua University
  • Collaborate with panel manufacturer partners
  • Effectively use resources from research institutes and universities in China
  • Develop new solar technology and parts, focusing on application technologies

SunValley’s R&D current focusing on topics as:

  • Develop new coating technology to increase the efficiency of PV panel
  • Develop new focusing technology to reduce the size of silicon cell and reduce the silicon cost per watt
  • Develop solar PV application technology to reduce system level cost
  • Develop new solar parts – Micro-inverter

SunValley’s competitive advantages in R&D:

  • Partnership relationship with PV manufacturers and solar power research institutions in China and USA
  • Exceptional theoretical background and practical experience in opto-electronics, semiconductor, packaging, and solar panel manufacturing process in general
  • Strong R&D team
  • Research and development platform from PV panel manufacturer and installation business