Research & Development


Research & Development

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SunValley Solar Inc. R&D team consists of PhDs in the Optoelectronics specialize in photovoltaic panel technologies (coating and focusing). Our R&D team is involved in advanced solar technologies research, development and commercialization. SunValley’s Nano-structured solar cell development is seeking for Phase-I grant from Department of Energy and the solar cell coating technology was developed with a very promising preliminary result.

The business development strategy of SunValley Solar Inc. is to develop Sunvalley as the end-to-end solar energy solution provider for solar power equipment dealers, solar power system installers and solar power energy end users by providing system solution, post-sale service, customer technical support, solar equipment and part supplying, solar system design and field installation.

Sunvalley’s business focusing is as:

  • Solar System Design and Installation
  • Solar Equipment Distribution
  • Solar Technology Research and Development
  • National Solar Technical Support and Service Center